IC1805 (Heart Nebula)

IC 1805 (Heart Nebula)
IC 1805 (Heart Nebula)

IC 1805 is a star forming region in Cassiopeia with young stars in its core. Distance to earth is about 7500 light years,

This is the final result of several different ways of processing this picture.

Acquisition Details

Scope: Borg 90FL/500 with 0.72x Reducer
Filter: IDAS NBX
Camera: ZWO ASI 2600MC Pro
Mount: Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro
Guiding Scope: MiniBorg 50
Guiding Camera: ZWO ASI 290MM
Guiding Software: PHD2
Acquisition Software: APT
Light Frames: 27x180sec + 30x180sec
In fact the set of 27 subs has been enriched by 30 more subs which include also the Fish Head Nebula, which is cropped in this image.
Flats, Dark Flats, Bias, Darks
Camera settings: Gain 100, Offset 20
New moon at the beginning of acquisition
Bortle 4-5
Acquisition Date: Nov 14, 2020


Stacking Software: DSS
Imaging: PixInsight (for the final version)

The image suffers a bit from the fact, that the distance from reducer to sensor chip was not correct. Star images at the edges are a bit distorted.

Different combinations of red and GB channel give different result. In the following image I have mixed a bit more of the GB channel into the green channel of the combination.

IC 1805 (Heart Nebula)
IC 1805 (Heart Nebula) in green

It’s a matter of taste …

My first attempts on this image however were made with Gimp only. The result was mainly reddish. And you see clearly the effect of missing star reduction, which was not known to me at that time.

IC 1805 (Heart Nebula)
IC 1805 (Heart Nebula), Gimp

Or with a bit more punch …

IC 1805 (Heart Nebula)
IC 1805 (Heart Nebula), Gimp, more contrast and saturation