Dark Nebulae

Sh2-101 (Tulip Nebula) and Cygnus X-1

Sh2-101 (Tulip Nebula)

A star forming region in Cygnus about 6000 light years from earth.

Not only young stars just being born populate this region but also an already dead star has been identified. Cygnus X-1 can be found not too far from the main nebula in this image. First discovered as the strongest X-ray source in constellation Cygnus (hence its name), it has become the first stellar black hole discovered in our Milky Way galaxy.

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Supernova Remnants

Sh2-91 (SNR G65.3+5.7)


Another supernova remnant in constellation Cygnus. The progenitor star exploded about 30000 years ago in distance of about 2600 – 3000 light years and the expelled outer shells of the star span today an area in the sky with an diameter of 8 times the full moon. So what you see here is just the southern part of the nebula.

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Globular Clusters

M 10

M 10

Another globular clusters from the Messier catalogue in constellation Ophiuchus.
This one is about 14300 light years away and is around 11.4 billion years old.

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