IC 410, NGC 1893, Tadpole Nebula

IC 410
IC 410

IC 410 is an emissionen nebula and star nursery 12000 light years away in constellation Auriga. Embedded we find star cluster NGC 1893.
The shape of two globules on the lower left side gives it its name.

After a very long break (weather sucks for quite some time now …) some results with the RASA. The mount has got new motors and new belts, but does not yet work as desired, especially in Dec.
I just took advantage of two half way clear nights with quite some moonlight and high clouds to do the first tests.

Celestron RASA 11 v2
Celestron CGX-L mount
RisingCam ATR3CMOS26000KPA
Bortle 4-5
60% moon
IDAS NBZ UHS: 120x180sec (6h)


IC 410
IC 410