Sh2-119 (Clamshell Nebula)

Sh2-119 (Clamshell Nebula)
Sh2-119 (Clamshell Nebula)

This is a bright emission nebula about 2200 light years away in constellation Cygnus.
It is less imaged than its close neighbors the Northamerica Nebula and the Pelican nebula.

The bright star in the center is 68 Cygni, a star of magnitude 5, which is one of the stars, which power the glow of the nebula and which have blown up a bubble emitting blue radiation of ionized oxygen.

Look at the very dense and dark globules which might eventually become stars and planets.

This image is colorized using the SHO palette, also called Hubble Palette, which generates large color contrast between the regions of different gas composition, temperature, density and UV irradiation.

Borg 90FL
1.08 Flattener
ASI 2600MM Pro
Baader Ultra-Narrowband 3.5/4nm and RGB filters
H: 56x300s
OIII: 54x300s
SII: 48x300s
R/G/B: 20x60s each
Total Integration: 14h10m over 4 nights
Bortle 4-5

PixInsight, Photoshop

Sh2-119 (Clamshell Nebula)
Sh2-119 (Clamshell Nebula)