Sh2-114, The Flying Dragon Nebula

Sh2-114, The Flying Dragon Nebula

A faint nebula in constellation Cygnus, less frequently imaged.

In most cases this object is imaged with narrow band filters only in order to increase the contrast of the faint structures to the dark background and to improve the signal to noise ratio in the image. This time however I added some hours of images with effectively no filter. And to my surprise it revealed faint dust structures which I have rarely (if at all) seen in other images of this region. You see these structures to the bottom right of the image. In the narrowband image they are barely visible and extremely faint, which indicate that they are in fact structures glowing in broadband light (or reflecting starlight).

In this image the dragon is flying on its back and you can see Kn26, a bipolar planetary nebula below the left wing (from the image perspective). It has a funny propeller like shape, maybe only visible in the full resolution image.

Unfortunately my mount is in a miserable condition and tracks very badly now. So I have to interrupt using the RASA for a while.

Celestron RASA 11 v2
Celestron CGX-L mount
RisingCam ATR3CMOS26000KPA
UV-IR-Cut filter
Bortle 4-5
No moon
IDAS NBZ UHS: 84x180sec (4h12m)
UV-IR-Cut filter: 490x30sec (4h5m)