Sh2-90, Sh2-89


Several HII regions in constellation Vulpecula about 7000-8000 light years distant.

The nebulae partly belong to Vulpecula OB1, an association of young hot stars of spectral types O and B, which ionize the surrounding gas by their strong ultra violet radiation. This stars can usually not be identified visually as a star cluster and are apparently not gravitationally bound, but the measurement of their velocities reveals that the have been born in the same molecular clouds not to long ago.
Sh2-90 is the cloud in the center, Sh2-89 is the more diffuse cloud below. For the other small red patches I could not find names or catalogue numbers. A bit to the right of the upper left red cloud a planetary nebula (PN G063.7+007) is barely visible in blue color, maybe not in the image as IG transforms it …

Celestron RASA 11 v2
Celestron CGX-L mount
RisingCam ATR3CMOS26000KPA
Bortle 4-5
No moon
120x120sec (4h)