NGC 6888

NGC 6888
NGC 6888

A gas nebula powered by a Wolf-Rayet star in the center. The star has ejected several times the mass of the sun into the surrounding gas remaining from the formation of the star only several million years ago. The star is more than 20 times as massive as the sun and has almost burned its fuel. In about a million years from now it will go supernova providing a spectacular firework.

Also visible on this image is PN G75.5+1.7 or Soap Bubble Nebula. It is a Planetary Nebula of a more gently dying star. Interesting fact is that is was only recently discovered by an amateur astronomer in 2007/2008.

Some cropped versions of the above image show it more clearly. It is on the bottom a bit to the right.

NGC 6888
NGC 6888
PN G75.5+1.7
PN G75.5+1.7

Acquisition Details

Scope: Borg 90FL/500 with 1.08x Flattener
Filter: IDAS NBZ
Camera: ZWO ASI 2600MC Pro
Mount: Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro
Guiding Scope: MiniBorg 50
Guiding Camera: ZWO ASI 290MM
Guiding Software: PHD2
Acquisition Software: APT
Light Frames: 86x300sec in 2 nights
Flats, Dark Flats, Bias, Darks
Camera settings: Gain 100, Offset 20
Half moon appearing late in the session
Bortle 4-5
Acquisition Date: May 31, 2021, June 1, 2021


Stacking Software: DSS
Imaging: PixInsight