IC 405 (Flaming Star Nebula)

IC 405
IC 405

Emission Nebula in Auriga 1500 light years away from earth. On the left IC 410 belonging to the same nebula complex.

Acquisition Details

Scope: Borg 90FL/500 with 1.08x Flattener
Filter: IDAS NBX
Camera: ZWO ASI 2600MC Pro
Mount: Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro
Guiding Scope: MiniBorg 50
Guiding Camera: ZWO ASI 290MM
Guiding Software: PHD2
Acquisition Software: APT
Light Frames: 42x300sec
Flats, Dark Flats, Bias, Darks
Camera settings: Gain 100, Offset 20
Almost full moon
Bortle 4-5
Acquisition Date: Feb 25, 2021


Stacking Software: DSS
Imaging: PixInsight

Here a version where did not remove all stars, which gives less artefacts but leaves the manual clone stamp result more visible.

IC 405
IC 405

Another version without channel splitting and only a bit star reducing but showing the halos around bright stars.

IC 405
IC 405

What I got better in this version are better background extraction, fainter details in some parts of the nebulae and less noise. Maybe it is worth another try …